Wangu Recreational Centre is a community based organization which work works with vulnerable children and youth coming from marginalized backgrounds. It offers them platform for them to express themselves through sports and arts. Wangu gives early career guidance and mentorship and helps the youth to become sustainable through solidarity groups and networking. 

Wangu believes in uplifting the lives of the children who have been left out in the community like orphans and those living on the street by empowering them to take charge of their future.

Wangu is working with orphanages, through interventions that complement their already running programs. Wangu strives to nurture the marginalized so that they become productive citizens.



Arts and sports

Wangu offers orphans and vulnerable children a platform to express themselves through arts and sports. In arts, there is singing, dancing, poetry, writing, painting and drawing. Sports includes netball, soccer, baseball, swimming, tennis, basketball and hockey. The two are tailor made to suit each child as one might prefer singing and one prefers

Career guidance and mentorship

Wangu is incorporating early career guidance and mentorship to beneficiaries so that they grow up to specialize on what they want to be. In career guidance, children are choosing their careers early and a volunteer is assigned to guide them in academics and sports. When child is sixteen, she or he is introduced to a mentor by the volunteer and they will work together to help child develop into a professional.

Networking and solidarity groups

Youth who have been part of the program are introduced to the community at the age of fourteen. They start volunteering to the community and participating in different activities. At Eighteen, the youth is placed into a group which welcomes him or her to the community, where the youth is linked to the readily available networks. This will allow the youth to have social safety nets and not be stuck upon arrival into the community.

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